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I've Been Gunsmithing for over 14 years. I am a Machinist,Gunsmith, and Gun Builder by Trade. I offer all sort of Gunsmithing services, from Bolt Jeweling, Repairs, Stock work, Stock Refinishing, Scope Mounting, Muzzle Break installation, Duracoating,Trigger Jobs And AK & AR builds, Plus lots more to name. when you want precision work and an affordable prices. call on me. I will have your Gun working in no time!

The Shop

I have a large shop with state of the art Tooling, jigs, fixtures, and Machines to get most any gun project up and going. if not I can make a tool to get the job done. I have tooling and machines from 50 plus years old to Up to date mordern tooling and Machines, so when you need the best in gunsmithing, I have the tools to get the job done.

we are here to get your gun working again, give me a shot and i will Aim to Please.


Call me today for your next Gun project.


  • Professional Services
  • Low Rates
  • All work backed
  • Fast Turn Around

About Me.

I started Gunsmithing after i graduated from Gunsmithing school on May 2nd 2004 I have 2 Gunsmithing Degrees, Basic Gunsmithing From AGI Gunsmithing SChool. and Master Gunsmithing From PCDI College . I have worked on cheap small guns, to HIGH DOLLAR Safari Guns that cost $19,000 i have built a working Gatling Gun, AK-47, AR-15, 1919 A4 Belt fed Machinegun, single shot Derringer, 1911 pistol, Custom Hunting Mauser in 458 Lott. a Single shot 50BMG rifle. I enjoy what i do, and i want to work for you.

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